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and to communicate change in a way that everyone can benefit. Together with our clients we strengthen communication within the company, in a way that leads to the positive development of employees, managers and the company as a whole. Our goal is to make people’s work easier, more communicative, and more meaningful – every day.

About us

We are a dedicated team that has been working in the field of internal communication and change communication for years. 


We have extensive experience in corporate communication and crisis communication. Primarily we advise large and medium-sized companies, specialising in comprehensive and feasible plans, complete for implementation, for all their internal communications needs.

Professional internal communication must support medium-sized companies in achieving their goals. In doing so, the focus should be on usefulness and feasibility – and not only a daunting list of what is technically possible.


    Founder and Managing Director

    More than 15 years of experience in communications consultancy with a focus on corporate and internal communications


    • 2020 founded CHANGE YOUR MIND Communications Agency
    • 2009–2020 founded and served as Managing Director of PR Süd Strategische Kommunikation, Biberach
    • 2003–2008 Consultant for Corporate Communications at A&B ONE, Frankfurt
    • 1999–2002 Master in Communication & Media Science, Economics and Politics at the University of Leipzig
    • 1997-1998 Bachelor of Communication & Media Science, Economics and Politics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich

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    Communicating company succession: the five most important questions

    Communicating company succession: the five most important questions

    When a company is handed over to new owners, it is an exciting moment – also in terms of communication. In this blog post, we highlight the communication of the succession process based on a specific case and provide answers to the five most important questions. That way, you can optimally set the course for the start of the new management.

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    Great content for the intranet: 7 recommendations

    Great content for the intranet: 7 recommendations

    As far as technology is concerned, your intranet works perfectly. But what is the point, if there are only a few new articles and the exciting content is published elsewhere? Seven recommendations for companies that want to make their intranet the No. 1 information platform for their employees – even without a large communications department.

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